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She likes meat, significantly hamburger steak, and doesn’t like bell peppers. The second film, Zatch Bell! In July 2018, a digital sixteen-volume kanzenban edition of Zatch Bell! Miller, Evan July 9, 2007. Second Bleach Movie’s Title, Date Revealed. She always thinks of him and begins to take pleasure in consuming when her father and Kotori start making meals collectively. Although energetic, she is properly behaved and loves her father dearly. She enjoys sharing ideas and cooking with Kohei and gets alongside very well with Tsumugi, who she treats like a youthful sibling. A chance encounter with Kohei, who at that time wasn’t conscious that she was truly considered one of his students, and tsumugi led to the 3 of them meeting up often at her mom’s restaurant to make ready-dwelling cooked meals that they happily partake in afterward.

Despite his gruff and intimidating exterior, he often offers Kōhei recommendations when he has a bother and generally babysits Tsumugi. Regardless of being a restaurant owner’s daughter, Kotori’s learning capacity for cooking is vastly impeded by her horrible fear of knives. The trauma of cutting herself badly as a toddler persists. As a solely little one of a divorced mother and father, she and her mom Megumi have gotten very shut to each other. Kotori’s mother is a celebrity chef. Kiyo Takamine is an intelligent 14-year-outdated junior high school pupil who lives with his mother in the fictional metropolis of Mochinoki, Japan. A male instructor at Kotori and Shinobu’s school. But when Megumi has to accept work as a Television superstar chef, Kotori is often left alone at home.

Several of the franchise’s movies were nominated for awards in their dwelling nation. Kōhei’s friend since high school and childhood buddy of Tae. Somewhat a loner of a high school Mob Psycho 100 Store lady, who normally does not thoughts being with herself as long as there are good meals on hand, Kotori is ecstatic every time she eats food that pleases her taste buds. Consequently, she is commonly absent from her restaurant and usually leaves Kotori recipes to observe when cooking with Kōhei. As followed by her finest good friend Shinobu, Kotori appears to be at her happiest every time she’s cooking food and consuming with the Inuzukas. Shinobu is Kotori’s buddy from one other class, whose household runs a vegetable shop, the place Megumi typically buys vegetables from.