For example, many modern laptops come packaged with several unnecessary applications, ranging from games to multimedia players. Disabling these can add memory back to your slots and allow more processing power for the slots system to use. Clear Temporary Memory The Windows OS creates temporary memory to run applications, but this memory does not always get cleared up when the program is closed. This can lead to a buildup of temporary files and decrease the slots system over time. To make slots run faster, clear out the temporary memory in Windows by running the Disk Cleanup tool. This tool can be found in the accessories in the programs list. Alternately, you can delete temporary files by going into the system32 folder and deleting the undesired files.

Increase the Virtual Memory Windows uses a page files system to store the memory of applications after the program is closed. To make slots run faster, increase the size of the virtual memory file. To do this, go to My Computer, select Properties, click Advanced, hit the Performance tab, select Virtual Memory, and then make the desired changes. For maximum speed, set the initial size and maximum size to the same value and make sure it is larger than the amount of RAM installed on your machine. Upgrade the Hard Drive As hard drives age, they become slower and can cause the slots system to suffer. Consider upgrading the hard drive so you will have more space and faster read/write speeds.

The most common types of hard drives are IDE, SATA, and SSD. IDE drives are the oldest and slowest, while SATA drives are significantly faster and often include additional features such as a larger buffer size. The most popular hard drive today is the solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs are much faster than either the IDE or SATA drives with some models providing speeds up to 500MB/sec. Defragment Your Computer Fragmentation occurs when files become broken down into smaller elements, which require more reads for the drive head to locate. To make slots run faster, defragmenting the hard drive will help speed things up.